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Your Morning Coffee Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

Episode 133

On this week's episode of the YMC podcast, Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss the following important stories: "LIVE NATION Entertainment Announces Support for a Fair Ticketing Act"; "How Much Humanity Will AI-Generated Songs Need To Be Copyrightable?" (Billboard); "Spotify Opens Up ‘Discovery Mode’ Wide, Enabling Artists To Get More Listeners And Streams – For A Cost" (Ari's Take); "Fake Songs On Spotify: Your Favorite Soul Artist Did NOT Issue A New Single" (SoulTracks)

*Important note this week: Just as Jay and Mike were finishing recording this episode, Mike had a brief power outage at his house as he was saving his audio files, and they were lost. Argh! We were forced to use the Zoom backup tracks for Mike's side, which don't have the audio quality we typically have. Thanks for understanding! 

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