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Your Morning Coffee Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

On this episode, Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss:

-British parliament launches inquiry into economics of music streaming [STUART DREDGE MusicAlly] 

-Elvis Costello On Making Albums In a Streaming World [ROBERT LEVINE Billboard] "Streaming hasn’t changed the way I write songs, but there’s a sequence of songs that I have carefully assembled — and I have to accept that no one will ever hear it like that, unless they’re of a certain generation."

-Meet the 17-Year-Old Leaking Music From Some of the World's Biggest Rappers [By Dylan Raffaele at Vice] He explains how he gets unreleased tracks and sells them for thousands.

- SPOTIFY NEWS - New Spotify format lets podcasters place songs between talk segments in shows (like radio does) [BY MURRAY STASSEN MBW] -How Spotify Turned The Top 40 Into The Top 43,000 [Hypebot]