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Your Morning Coffee Podcast

Feb 6, 2023

Episode 130

On this weeks episode of the YMC podcast, your humble hosts Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart yap about these important stories: "What Will The Future Of Streaming Royalties Look Like? Tidal And UMG Want To Find Out" (Billboard); "I Spent Two Decades Running Major Labels — Here’s Why I Left It Behind" (Mark Terry); "Spotify Hits 205 Million Paid Subscribers, Topping User Growth Targets For Q4 With Record Total Quarterly Gain" (Variety).  


Plus audio interview audio drops with:

-Bruce Houghton, President of Syline Artist Agency and publisher of Hypebot on his persepctive on the LA Times areticle "Everyone Hates Ticketmaster - Is Everyone Wrong?"

- Steve Knopper, Billboard Editor at Large on US cassette sales from the Billboard piece "Cassettes Are Making A Comeback, But Can Production Keep Up?"

- Vickie Neuman, Founder and CEO of CrossBorderWorks on her predictions for Web3 heading into the new year.

-Jennifer Freed, Founder and CEO of Trevanana Tracks on simplifying the complicated world of sync licences.


Check out the Ren "Hi Ren" video"

Also check out The Verge article on why so many tech companies are laying off employees?