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Your Morning Coffee Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

On this episode, hosts Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart cover:

-"Pay For Play Was Banned From Radio - But Texts Reveal It May Still Be A Thing" (Rolling Stone).

- "Spotify Dominates Paid Subscriptions As Streaming Revenues Fall For First Time" (Hypebot).

- BMG Eliminates 'Poisonous' Controlled Composition Clauses From It's US Record Contracts" (Music Business Worldwide).

- "Tools: - Analyze Spotify Playlists To Know If They'll Increase Your Stream Count" (MusicAlly).

-"Independent Artist Creativity and Innovation In The Age of Covid-19" (MIDiA).

- "Scooter Braun and Jessie Reyez On How Covid-19 Is 'Forcing The Entire Industry To Innovate" (Fast Co.).

- "Spotify News Announcements" (Symphonic, Hypebot, Variety, Verge, MBW).

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